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"Join us on the Tribute Train and get ready to party like it's 1979!"

Wanna B Kool

The Wanna B Kool disco and funk formation brings a feel-good tribute to the music of the legendary Kool & the Gang. Taking you on a musical journey, Wanna B Kool let’s you cherish and celebrate the love for those good ol’ Kool & the Gang classics. Join us on this unique adventure and submerge yourself in the Kool family feeling! It’s the audience who helps create the Kool experience, singing and dancing along.

Staying seated is not an option!

Wanna B Kool tribute to Kool & the Gang

Wanna B Kool tribute to Kool & the Gang

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Wanna B Kool brings a tribute to the music of the legendary African-American disco/funk/R&B band Kool & the Gang, who scored hit after hit in the 70s and 80s with classics like ‘Ladies night’, ‘Celebration’ and ’Joanna’. The tribute formation consists of eleven dedicated musicians, including a three-piece horn section. Their upbeat sound is backed by three sweet female voices!

Each band member has a proven track record in the (semi-)professional music scene. With Wanna B Kool, they're united by their shared love for Kool & the Gang songs. Together they go all out to put on a festival or theatre show that will make you smile, dance and "feel the love"!

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